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Pompous photos presentations and slideshows are the perfect splash screen for your website home page.

This is a third example of embedding a pompous photos presentation in a web page, by displaying it (again) in an iframe.

In Example 1 we showed embedding one presentation, so that it always fits the available window width, and takes as much height as it needs (a vertical scrollbar appears as needed).

In Example 2 we showed embedding one presentation, so that it always fits both the window width AND height.

In this example we showcase how to use two presentations on your web page: one with a wide 16:9 ratio to be shown on wide browser windows, and another with a tall 9:16 ratio to be shown on tall screens. Load this web page on a smart phone, and flip the phone's orientation form vertical to horizontal and back to vertical (make sure the "auto rotate" phone setting is on). Observe how we show one presentation on the horizontal screen, and another on the vertical screen. Both presentations fit their available screen width, which is recommended for best user experience.

Right-click on this web page on a desktop browser to view and copy the html source code into your web page.

Note: you can use the "clone presentation" feature in your PompousPhotos dashboard to create the 2nd presentation by cloning the 1st one; then change the 2nd presentation's ratio and save it.